Maya (aka Kamasutra Night

Maya (aka Kamasutra Night

USA | 2008 | 90 min. | Rated: 18
Languages available: EN
Original Title: Maya (aka Kamasutra Night

Eric Manning

Namitha , Sunny Malik , Tanit Phoenix , Yavor Veselinov , Zain Jamal

Maya is the tale of love, lust and fate that plays its own game as humans have their own plans. In a turn-around plot of various characters, Maya explores the details of free human will as against the powers of black magic. The story unfolds in a strange and mystic land where destinies are going to change for two ardent lovers. As the mystery heightens, the lovers lose each other, only to be reunited but after first facing a few tragedies. A different kind of story telling is practiced through this feature.

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